Childbirth Classes

An Extra-Ordinary Approach to Childbirth Preparation

The BIRTHING FROM WITHIN© philosophy offers a holistic and soulful approach to pregnancy and childbirth, opening the door to self discovery and empowering parents to give birth in awareness.

As Pam England, co-writer of the book “Birthing From Within” says: "Are you wondering, what does "birthing from within" mean? Or, how does a mother "give birth from within"? In a word: awareness"

The BIRTHING FROM WITHIN© birth preparation classes allow parents to explore their own inner knowledge of birth and offer a safe non-judgmental environment where, together, they will learn how to identify their own inner strengths and where they will deepen their pain coping abilities through various hands-on activities.

Birthing From Within

Through creative role plays parents are taught how to ask questions and give informed consent to health care providers, prepare emotionally for the challenges which may arise during childbirth, as well as share a harmonious bond with each other through proven labour support techniques & comfort measures. The classes encourage parents to be curious about their labours and births promoting an on-going exploration of themselves and their birthing options, empowering them and giving them a deep rooted sense of preparedness.

Presented in a non-lecture format, parents are able to ask questions and enjoy lively conversations ultimately allowing them to build a solution-focused mind-set, and gain new skills for the journey which lies ahead.


  • help mothers discover their active role in childbirth.
  • allow mothers to explore their own ability to cope with pain.
  • prepare mothers to birth in awareness.
  • validate parents own innate knowledge.
  • prepare parents to release attachment to the outcome no matter how their birth unfolds.
  • encourage parents to consciously face their fears and cope with them
  • include both birth preparation and parent preparation.
  • open up a space for parents to safely explore themselves as well as each other.
  • are a holistic, organic educational process.
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BIRTHING FROM WITHIN© birth preparation classes exist to inspire those who work with pregnant women and couples, and parents themselves to:

  • Prepare for birth as a sacred rite of passage.
  • Co-create holistic prenatal preparation that is informative, transformative and builds a foundation for birthing-in-awareness in our birth culture.
  • Understand the power and the life-long impact “birthing from within” offers all participants in birth.



Inspiring Quotes

" Childbirth is a time when a woman's power and strength emerge full force, but it is also a vulnerable time, and a time of many changes presenting opportunities for personal growth"

AnneMarie van Oploo, Janet Schwegel's Adventures in Natural Childbirth


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